Which Prayer Do I Answer

A Windsor, Ontario couple recently lost a dog and have invested considerable time and money searching for their lost pet. I can appreciate the investment, but it has to be a super-slow week in the world of news when this is a front page story. Given the number of strays that the local Humane Society takes in, losing a pet is a common occurrence in a city as big as Windsor.

But the lost pet, the search and the newspaper article are not my issues.

It’s the people who are “praying” for the safe return of this dog, that I have an issue with.

In the article, there are plenty of comments with people saying that they have the couple and the lost dog in their prayers.

Really? Praying for a dog?

That leads me to subject of this post: How does god pick which prayers to answer?

Does she use a list of criteria to score each prayer, then rank the prayers and answer the top 10 or 100 or whatever number he decides on? Are prayers weighted based on a person’s ‘religiosity? If you go to church every Sunday, do you score higher? If your white, rich and famous, do you score lower (or higher)? Do common prayer requests – ‘god lead this team into victory’ – score lower then unique requests?

The possibilities are endless. I like to believe that god uses a rather large version of a crown and anchor wheel.

I’m not trying to make fun of people praying. Individual meditation and reflection is a good thing. But keep the prayer requests to yourself. I don’t want to know what you are praying for.


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