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I Hate Closets or How I Love Decluttering

Well, I don’t hate all closets, but for the most part I despise closets in North American homes. They become places where you hide – or forget – things. And that’s how the clutter begins.

You go to put something in your closet and there is no room. So you find another closet or another space to put the item in. You’ll likely forget where you put that item and will search every closet, with the last one being where you put the item.

The closet in our youngest son’s room is our seasonal clothes closet. Winter comes and we put all the summer clothes in there. Summer comes and the winter clothes go back. Recently, we cleaned up his room and freed up the floor of the closet for his toys and soccer bag. He has a four drawer dresser where three drawers are for pants, shorts, socks, underwear and PJs. The top drawer is for his keepsakes and other things.

We hang his shirts are hangers on a towel rack that is attached to the underside of a long shelf. The shirts are near his dresser, easily visible and accessible and completely out of the way. It’s worked well.

The wife and I have been spending more time over the past two years decluttering the house and our lives. A few years ago we had mice in our detached garage – they loved the insulation the previous home owners installed. So we rented a bin to get rid of all the insulation. The bin company gave us a bin twice the size we ordered. So we took advantage of it.

We went through the crawl space. We went through the garage. We went through our bedrooms. We went through everything and tossed a ton of stuff. Our youngest really got into it and even our oldest, with his OCD, was able to part with some things. It felt great to get rid of stuff.

Every year, we go through a room and see what can be kept, what can be sold and what can be tossed. We now scan our various papers and receipts and shred what we don’t need to keep for warranty claims or income tax. It’s liberating.

We don’t need at least half the stuff we get and keep. Simplify,


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Heather Graham – Blue Dress

Heather Graham


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Lindsay Lohan



On Hiatus

Between Facebook, Twitter and real life, I don’t have the motivation to post to this blog, at least not in it’s current random topic format.

My wife and I recently received a Nikon D3200 camera as a gift, so I may post about the trials and tribulations of using the D3200. Or I may not.

To that end, this blog is on indefinite hiatus.

Classic Rock Presents: Clockwork Angels Fanpack – UPDATE

I emailed Future Publishing about the ripped magazine cover and asked for a replacement magazine. A few days later received an email that they would be shipping out a replacement.

About a week or so later, I received my replacement, and they sent me the whole package – magazine, CD and key chain.

The replacement was in pristine condition – it even looked like they checked before shipping.

I am totally satisfied with the customer service from Future Publishing. Keep up the good work.

Classic Rock Presents: Clockwork Angels Fanpack

Received my Clockwork Angels Fanpack today. A CD, special limited edition 132 page magazine with a double sided poster and a Rush key ring. I pre-ordered it 10 days ago and the album was just released this past Tuesday, so I’m more than impressed with the shipping time.

But I wasn’t impressed with the interaction between the key ring and the cover of the magazine. Seems that when they assembled the pack, they threw in the key ring first and then stuffed in the magazine, because the bottom right corner of the magazine was all mangled up against the key ring.

I’ll contact Future Publishing by email and get them to send me a replacement magazine.

That disappointment aside, I managed to listen to the first four tracks – Caravan, BU2B, Clockwork Angels and The Anarchist.


Caravan sounds much like the original version. BU2B has a new intro and a new mix. Clockwork Angels switches back and forth between melodic and hard rock tones. The Anarchist is pure rock energy.

So far so good.

Don’t know what songs they will play on this tour, but after 20 studio albums, some of the classics that us Rush fans expect every tour are going to have make way for new (or relatively new) material. Perhaps Rush should alternate their song list day to day.


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